Annual Membership Subscriptions 2019

Please be advised that the Annual Membership Subscriptions are due from the 1st January 2019 and they remain the same as last year's Subscriptions. 

Annual Membership Subscriptions:

In accordance with Rule 4, the following scales for full-year and part-year Membership where approved at the A.G.M.

Joining (Membership Year runs from 1st January to 31st December):-                                                          Jan. to Dec.

Family Full Membership   (Two Senior Members and any number of Junior Members from one family.)             £ 82

Senior Member   (17 or over at end of current year.)                                                                                      £ 41

Junior Member   (Under 17 at end of current year.)                                                                                        £ 36

Non-Swimmer Member / Pre-Improver Member / Associate Member                                                              £ 16

Honorary Associate Member (All Non-Swimming Coaches, Teachers, Poolside Helpers, Team Managers,

Chaperones, Social Event Organisers, Front Desk Helpers and Club Shop Staff )                                            Free

Honorary Co-Opted Committee Member (Non-swimming Member Co-Opted by the Management Committee)      Free

(The Club will pay the ASA Registration Fees, as applicable, providing that the full annual subscription for the relevant category of Membership has been paid.)

In accordance with Rule 3 all Coaches, Teachers, Poolside Helpers, Team Managers and Chaperones, Social Event Organisers, Front Desk Helpers and Club Shop Staff MUST be Club Members (one of the above forms of Membership) to comply with the ASA Child Protection requirements. Each of the aforementioned Members will be required to complete a Registration Form in order to register with the A.S.A..

In accordance with the Club Constitution and Rules the Annual Membership Subscription must be paid by the 1st February 2019 otherwise the Member cannot participate in any Club activities, including swim sessions, all Galas, County Championships and Open Meets, until the outstanding Subscription is paid, as per Rule 4.2 in the Club's Constitution and Rules.  

Any swimmer taking part in the Brighton Tom Handley Open Meet and the Sussex County Championships must have paid their Annual Membership Subscriptions for 2019 by the closing date for the entries. In the case of the Brighton Tom Handley Open Meet this is Monday 10th December 2018 and for the Sussex County Championships this is Monday 10th December 2018.

Payment of next year's Subscription can be made at the ESC Desk from Monday 3rd December 2018 where you will also be required to complete a new Enrolment Form.  

The Eastbourne SC Management Committee wishes all Members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.